Something Special Cakery








 "Footprints" Funeral Cake








                                      "Sophisticated" Breasts Cupcakes






Nicole's 18th Birthday Cupcakes






 Superman Cake






                                                      Circuit Board Cake








 Valentine's Mickey and Minnie Cake








                                  Sexy Valentine's Cupcakes







"Get Well" 3D Bear Cake



Birthday Cupcakes--Blue roses with sparkles, leaf, and candle

                               Pink roses with peach edges, leaf









44th Anniversary Cake





                       Mini Fondant Shoe [My Shoe Next to It]







Rose and Swags Two-Tier Mini Cake






                                                       Mustang Logo Cupcake






Arizona Christmas Theme Cake







                                                                     Christmas Present Mini Cakes








Cute Simple Cupcake







                                            Ornament Cupcake








Christmas Ornament Cupcakes





   Cinderella Barbie Cake and Birthday Sheet Cake




Bowling Cupcakes





                                              Nurse Hat and Stethescope Cupcake






Religious Confirmation Cake









                                                                   Barbie Cake





Harley Davidson Cake






                                                               Sample Tray of Cupcakes






Coffee Cupcake and Slice of Mini Cake






                                                              Jeff Gordon Hat Cake





 Halloween Cake




                                                 Skull and Flames Birthday Cake